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  • The Sundre Petroleum Operators Group was formed as an industry-based organization in response to an emergency event in 1992 that clearly demonstrated the need for a single-access emergency number in case of an oil and gas crisis. Operators saw the opportunity to coordinate their efforts on many fronts, and SPOG was born.
  • Landowners and other area residents came forward and asked to be involved, and by 1996, community members joined with the operators to work together to resolve issues and create a better future for the entire community. In fact, part of the license requirement for some area operators from the ERCB was the input of a committee of community people.
  • Since public members first joined, SPOG has conducted more than a dozen Neighbours’ Day open houses, where residents can visit with company representatives, ask questions, and gather information about plans and projects, and hosted countless meetings between landowners and companies aimed at finding mutually beneficial solutions and answers.
  • SPOG is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization under the Alberta Societies Act, creating an ongoing, mutually respectful dialogue among community, industry, and government people and organizations in the Sundre area. 
  • The organization is directed by a Board whose make-up reflects the diverse sectors that participate in SPOG. The Board oversees three working groups: Mutual Aid, Community Affairs, and Environment, with various ad hoc and sub-committees.
  • SPOG participants include the oil and gas industry, 12 communities, 4 municipalities, the AER, and the hundreds of public and industry volunteers on its committees. All these sectors have shaped and influenced SPOG over its 20-year history.
  • SPOG has originated and/or participated in many initiatives, including the Emergency Management Alberta Pilot Project on Integrated Emergency Response, Alberta Transportation's Traffic Sub-committee on Highway 22 Safety, Synergy Alberta, and Alberta Energy’s project on provincial Energy Literacy.


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