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The Board of Directors is made of volunteers from Industry, Community and Government. They are a policy making board that sets the goals and directions for SPOG and the subsequent committees that fall under the SPOG umbrella.


The Board has a variety of experience levels from founding and new members. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge to SPOG with their industry experience.

Chairman - Brad Johnson
Vice Chairman - Judy Bysterveld

The James River area has been home for me for the past 56 years.  I farm in the area and raised 3 active sons that kept me busy.  My sons also now do reside in the area and help with farming. Throughout the years I have been active on many boards.  I have held many positions on 

Scott's profile pic.jpg
SecretaryScott Dickson (Whitecap Resources)

Scott is currently employed by Whitecap Resources working out of the Westward Ho area for the last 14 years, recently adding the Bergen and Bearberry fields to his area of operations.  Scott started out operating oil and gas wells in 2005 and is now the Field

Team Lead for his areas.  He joined SPOG in 2017 as an industry representative and has recently been elected as Secretary on the Executive board where he is able to meet with landowners and community members to discuss the oilfield activity in the area. “I believe Community is the most important, SPOG gives me the opportunity to build relationships with the people in the area so we can all work together.”  Scott was born and raised in the Sundre area and currently resides just outside of town with his wife Andrea and three children.

James River Hall board and was responsible for the fundraising of new hall that was built in 2008-2009.  I have been a vendor and also managed the Sundre Farmers Market for 7 years.  I have been an avid volunteer and board member at the Sundre Museum for approx. 15 years and held the position as President for 2 years.  I also was a member and resided on the board for the Prairies to Peaks association.

Currently, I am the president of our local ladies club and the co-chair for SPOG community affairs.  I came to SPOG as an interested community member in the late 1990’s and became a community rep shortly thereafter.  I’ve held positions on the ND committee, communications committee along with being the community co-chair.  I was briefly on the SPOG board about 13-14 years ago.  I would like to thank everybody for the opportunity to be on the SPOG board of directors and hope I can contribute in some small capacity.

Municipal Representative - 
Industry Representative - 

Wayne Heikkinen
Community Representative -
Tom Jackson

The Jackson family moved just north of Sundre to what was once was known as the Derbytown district in 1926.  Jackson Creek was named after the family, it flows into the Red Deer River 5 miles north of Sundre.  Tom grew up on the family farm and continues to own and operate

a cow/calf business.  Farming in the Sundre area involves being very close to the oil and gas industry.  Tom has 4 children, Jordan, Beau, Elise and Kate.  Both of his sons work in the local oilfield area along with helping on the family farm. He also co-owns a local catering company which allows him to meet new people and be fully engaged with the community. Tom has represented the Sundre and area on the Red Deer River Watershed group and is presently on the Agriculture Service Board with Mountain View County.

SPOG Executive Director - 
Tracey McCrimmon

Before joining SPOG in January of 2010, Tracey worked in the Oil & Gas Industry for several companies over the past 25 years.  Tracey spent most of her years in the oil and gas industry and living in Calgary until 2009 when her and her family and husband, Graham, moved with their

two boys.  Her career starting in the land industry and after obtaining her Petroleum Land Management designation, worked as a Surface Landman for several years.  This led her into the field of Public Consultation, Aborginal Affairs and Stakeholder Engagement.

Tracey has participated in several synergy stakeholder groups throughout the Province and has served as an Industry Member of SPOG since 2006.  She was also the Chairman of the Energy Committee for SASCI (Southern Alberta Communities Initiative) prior to leaving the energy industry.  Tracey's commitment and belief in the values of synergy is what has brought her to SPOG as their Executive Director.

Treasurer -  
Industry Representative - 

Community Representative -
Duane Papke

Duane was raised on a farm in the Elkton area and graduated from Cremona High School.  He guided big game hunters for four years in the Yukon and BC, returning home and attended Olds College in 1975 and took the course in Animal Sciences.

Duane began working in the oilfield industry in 1970 and still is involved in the industry through rentals to contractors and oil companies.  Throughout the years he has had sideline business working with tourism in guiding and outfitting in the foothills area in Central Alberta.  He has spent many hours on different boards associating his time involved in tourism, municipal affairs, rodeo committees and water resources.  Duane enjoys recreation activities such as trail riding in mountains, attending rodeos, curling bonspiels, hiking and producing diamond willow walking sticks.

He has a very sincere responsibility to look after our back country to keep the areas clean and open to all recreation users and industry to be available for future people users.  Presently they own land in the Eagle Hill area, enjoying being with their horses and working in his shop on various endeavors.

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