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To facilitate communication and co-operation amongst primarily

petroleum industry partners, regulatory agencies and the community.

Intent: The underlying belief that form the foundation of the Sundre Petroleum Operators Group was the communities request for a consistent approach to emergency response planning and better communication amongst industry and with the community.

The Sundre Petroleum Operators Group was formed as an industry-based organization in response to an emergency event in 1992 that clearly demonstrated the need for a single-access emergency number in case of an oil and gas crisis. 

Trust, honesty and respect will grow and make a firm and strong foundation for one community in which we all belong.

    Guideline and Implementation

  • SPOG will review with the community on a regular basis the goals, objectives and achievements to reach our vision. To address changing stakeholder demographics, regular public consultation workshops will be held. For the most recent feedback see Appendix A. 2007 World Cafe.

  • SPOG will continue to work with government, regulators, and industry organizations such as CAPP, SEPAC and other communities who are looking to adopt a Synergy model.

SPOG is a catalyst for cohesive community spirit. Its services are available to any stake-holder within the SPOG area with an interest in industrial development, primarily oil and gas.

  Guideline and Implementation

  • SPOG boundaries are Hwy 54 to the North, Hwy 766 to the East, Hwy 582 to the South and Range 8 to the West.

  • The SPOG boundaries are as stated. Services are available to the stakeholders residing within these boundaries. People residing adjacent to the SPOG boundaries may access SPOG's services based on an individual basis approved by the Executive Director and the appropriate committee/Board.


SPOG is a grassroots not-for-profit society that has responds to the interests and concerns of the residents, landowners, and industry operators in the area. Initiatives such as the Emergency Management Alberta Pilot Project on integrated emergency response, Alberta Transportation's Traffic Sub-committee on Highway 22 safety, Alberta Energy’s project on provincial Energy Literacy and the ongoing support of the synergy movement in Alberta has widened SPOG's circle of influence to participate with government and regulators on many levels.


SPOG is directed by a Board whose make-up reflects the diverse sectors that participate in SPOG. The Board oversees 3 working groups - Mutual Aid, Community Affairs and Environment.


SPOG demonstrates synergistic solutions to problems and opportunities created by the interface of the oil and gas industry within communities because of a membership that includes all sectors: industry, community, and government.


SPOG was the driving force behind the creation of Synergy Alberta - a province wide resource for companies and communities facing development.


A long term relationship based on mutual trust, honesty and respect by way of sharing 

SPOG Geographical

Area Map

pertinent information and working towards resolving issues to benefit of all stakeholders.

Best Management Practices
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