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Mission:  To facilitate communication and co-operation amongst primarily petroleum industry partners, regulatory agencies and the community.

MEMP SPOG Pilot September Field Campaign

The September Field Campaign will begin September 14th and run through the end of the month.  There are two main objectives:

  1. Obtain a comprehensive baseline inventory of methane releases

  2. Coordinate deployment of new methane detection and quantification technologies

Releases of methane with be detected, and quantified, using a number of commercial and near commercial technologies, including, ground based ‘optical gas imaging’ (or OGI) cameras,  aerial surveillance with fixed wing aircraft, ground-based fixed sensors, and the temporary installation of meters where applicable.

Routine methane venting can occur from pneumatic devices, reciprocating compressors, and tanks.  Non-routine venting can occur from compressor start ups, pressure safety valves, and pigging operations.  The equipment associated with routine and non-routine venting will also be inventoried

A comprehensive baseline of methane releases and the source equipment is the first step to develop alternative, cost-effective methane management programs.

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